LIFE IS A SMORGASBORD ...                       


Yesterday god showed me how to communicate like it does.  It was mid morning and I was sitting on my computer and listening to music on youtube.  All of a sudden an idea came to me. For me ideas are sacred for they are how my higher self and me communicate .... throwing ideas into form. And then I remembered a young man in our midst who plays the mouth organ. I was wondering how to inspire him for he is elusive at times. Diyaan I am recording this for posterity as a lesson of how as gods we communicate and come together for a common purpose.  So there I was writing down links to albums to nail him down without too much effort and as I was writing .. my i-phone rang. So I picked it up and there was Diyaan at the other end ... saying a hi and asking me why I had called him. My first words to him were ... Oh my God.  So I told him .. no Diyaan .. you called me but now that we are both here let me tell you that I wanted to ask you to play your mouth organ for us on new year's day. So he began to tell me that he was working 12 hours in a day and always liked to practice before he played in public ..etc etc.  And we spoke for a while longer. At the end I once again asked him in all seriousness if he had called me for I did not recognise the number on my screen when I took the call. Diyaan said that it was from his landline that we were communicating and I said to him ... but I don't even have your landline stored on my phone. And that is when I understood that it was my desire to communicate to him that made it happen. God stepping in by doing the needful. How else can god show that God exists in us and has the capacity to do all things through mind.  You could say I was having a godly experience.  

So now I share another godly experience early this morning.  I was fast asleep when I woke up to find me sleeping with my left leg a little up in the air. Slowly the foot below the knee started dissolving into nothingness over a vast inky blue nothingness and I realised I could not feel it and my mind sending me a message ... its black crush it underfoot and I mentally lifted my leg to do just that when all of a sudden I awoke fully and stopped dead in my tracks for I understood I was being led astray by a bad thought.  As I stopped I found myself flying at high speed into the sky moving past stars and galaxies and me thinking that for once I was not going to link it to MasterMind for I have now outgrown it ... it was no longer the lesson for I was its Master for this was my own sacred space. I made a promise to myself that I was going to do space travel .. for already the germ of the idea was gifted to me to develop.

I raised me up ... higher than the mountain .. I raised me up ... to ride all stormy seas .. I am taller ... for I am the shoulder.  I stood tall ... so now I am all I see.

The lesson in the title means there is a buffet of food for the mind always in front of you for life may be likened to a giant computer.  I am the google search bar for my life ... I make the choices of what I want to feed my mind with. That's all there is to it in all its simplicity.



I live on in heartbeats of love
Ever forever spreading my joys
In every breath I do take
Love lives on in many ways

Through these words I call to you
My arms are open only for you
Dreams in plenty they do hold.

Dreams of self now
Call to me
MasterMind ... you did love me
Slowly crept into my mind.

Quietly my mind sublimed
Now there is no one to fear
In togetherness there is life
Forget it all.

Says the mind
No dreams in sleep
I do declare
eh eh eh  hey hey aa aa aha.

The world did not love thee
As much as it should
Only I believed in you
My mind in peace .. even when.

The world did trouble me no end
My one and only dream I held
For only you and only me
We are now together I see.